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Jencks Law Firm PLLC, based in Edmond, provides family law services to individuals and families in the greater Oklahoma City area. Founded in 2003, the company serves Counties in Canada, Cleveland, Logan and Oklahoma. Services include divorce representation and advice, including military divorce, child support and modification, custody and modification of children, and private, state and step-parent adoptions. Lawyer Jencks is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and the Oklahoma Bar Association. Founded in 1999, Oklahoma City-based law firm Andrew P. Murphy provides general family law support to clients in the region. Her area of practice includes determining paternity, custody, child support, parental rights, and changes in divorce and divorce. It also provides assistance with marriage contracts and deals with the establishment and termination of guardianship, including the complexities associated with returning children to their parents. Babbit, Mitchell & Ogle Attorneys and Counselors at Law has been helping southern Oklahoma residents manage family law matters since 2002. The firm focuses on issues such as marriage dissolution and related matters, including custody and maintenance, paternity issues, maintenance, division of property, and grandparents` rights. It assists in the adoption and modification of agreements and court decisions when situations change for one of the parties. The company also helps victims of domestic violence obtain protection orders.

Reneau & Childers supports Customers in Oklahoma City who are facing family issues. Roger Reneau and Bridget Childers have provided legal advice to families going through cases such as divorce, child support and visits. Both lawyers help clients file petitions, change child support and understand visiting schedules. Bankruptcy law, estate planning, criminal defense and car accidents are areas in which Reneau & Childers has been providing legal assistance for 20 years. Founded in 2017 and based in Oklahoma City, Albritton Law Firm PLLC handles a range of family law issues for residents and others. The scope of the practice includes contested and uncontested divorce, custody and modification of children, determination of paternity, guardianship and maintenance of children. It also deals with issues related to grandparent visits and non-accountable procedures. Attorney Tamra Albritton is a member of the American Bar Association and the Oklahoma Bar Association.

Rahill Law Firm, PLLC serves the legal needs of individuals and families in Oklahoma City. The practice focuses on a variety of family law issues, including child benefits. It assists custodial and non-custodial parents in making arrangements for child support. If necessary, it can also assist with changes and enforcement of previous child support orders. Ashley Rahill, the firm`s lawyer, has been admitted to practice since 2011. She was named one of the top 10 under 40s in Oklahoma by the National Academy of Family Lawyers in 2019. Lawrence Goodwin Law Firm focuses on providing effective legal representation to its clients. Your law firm has highly qualified legal specialists who ensure that their concerns are taken into account. In addition, responsive customer service is available to respond to inquiries and schedule meetings with their lawyers. Then they have a polite staff who are happy to help customers process their documents and guarantee them the best possible customer service. In addition, this law firm offers in-depth advice to adequately meet and identify the legal needs of its clients.

In addition, his areas of activity include custody, impaired driving, family and much more. Brown & Gould, PLLC, attorneys in Oklahoma City, handle a variety of family law issues, including child support changes. This multi-practice firm also handles cases such as corporate law, breach of contract, insurance disputes and personal injury. George Brown, one of the firm`s lawyers, prepared and prosecuted appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. His partner, Tony Gould, was admitted in federal and state courts in Texas. The Holden law firm serves clients on the Oklahoma City subway and surrounding areas. He handles family law matters and provides legal representation to clients who deal with matters relating to divorce, maintenance, custody and support of children, and asset allocation. The firm also serves clients involved in a military divorce. In addition, he practices estate planning, which includes wills, trusts and estate advice. one of the firm`s lawyers, Steven M..

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