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Would you agree so quickly if you knew what was in the document? While Apple is a trustworthy company that probably won`t try to scam you, there are still good reasons to pay attention to the terms and conditions. Here are some reasons why you might want it: Wait, I lied. The above solution works. You just need to quit and restart iTunes. Some apps and services are paid for on a subscription basis, and Apple states in the terms and conditions that it will «obtain your consent if necessary» to continue» if the price of a paid subscription increases. This could mean that the price can go up without you being informed. When I click Next, I get a pop-up message that says, «You must agree to the Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions to continue.» And then nothing happens. What happens if there is no «Accept» page after clicking «OK»? It turns into a blank page. I would really appreciate it if you could answer it? Thanks to an area of conditions where Apple has had some problems in the past, it is to force users to accept that they will study the content of their media library to make recommendations. I just downloaded the latest version of iTunes on PC v12.12.1.1.

A new account has been created. An attempt has been made to log in with this new account. The Terms and Conditions state: «By clicking `Continue`, you confirm that you accept the Apple Media Services Terms of Service.» When I click «Next,» a pop-up window appears that says, «You must agree to the Apple Services Terms and Conditions to continue.» Select OK. I then click on the link to the Apple Services Terms and Conditions, and there`s no way to select «I Agree» or anything like that. I`m stuck in an endless loop and I`m trying to finish creating my Apple ID. What Apple is more likely to do with its access rights is to «remove or modify submitted material.» The document contains submission guidelines that state that you must not upload content that you are not authorized to use. that are illegal or harmful; personally or privately to another person; misrepresentation of your affiliation with another person; or illegal, fraudulent or manipulative. It also states that the Services should not be used to «request personal information from a minor» or «post or transmit spam.» 3 Ways to Fix the «Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions» error 1. Browse and accept the terms and conditions Tap OK, browse and accept the new terms and conditions.

When the command prompt appears again, try checking for the new terms using the following trick: -> Tap the App Store icon in your profile in the upper-right corner of the screen. -> Then tap on your name and use Touch ID or Face ID to authenticate -> Scroll down and tap «Terms of Service». Try to commit the changes here. At the beginning of the document, it says in capital letters (which is supposed to have the effect of drawing attention to the points, but this seems to have the effect of making it harder to read) that if you do not accept the terms and you have just bought a Mac: «You must return all the hardware/software to get a refund.» If you`ve signed up for Apple Music, you can access it on 10 devices (although only 5 of them can be computers). Before you think that means you and your friends can all share the same subscription, keep your horses: A «custom Apple Music subscription lets you stream to a single device at the same time.» If you have a family subscription, your family members can stream to up to six devices at a time depending on the terms. 2. Sign out and return to your Apple ID Another possible solution you can try is to sign out of your Apple ID and sign back in. Keep in mind that with every iOS software update, you`ll need to restart your iPhone or iPad for the changes to take effect. Try the same trick with your Apple ID and you can validate the new conditions as follows.

-> In the App Store, tap your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen. -> Tap «Sign Out» at the bottom of the screen. -> Next, provide your Apple ID and password to sign in again. Now go back to the Updates tab and try to update the app and see if the Apple Media Services error has been fixed. App Store bug «Apple Media Services terms and conditions». You will need an Apple ID to use the Services and access your content, and Apple is not responsible if it falls into the wrong hands. «Your Apple ID is valuable and you are responsible for maintaining its privacy and security. Apple is not responsible for any losses resulting from the unauthorized use of your Apple ID,» the document reads. Contact Apple. Click here –> Select your country, then a product.

If you don`t see anyone solving your problem, keep experimenting with choices until you reach one that brings you a chat session or phone call and asks the representative to redirect you. When you install Sierra, you agree to the terms of the Software License Agreement, a 13-page, 7,135-word document that, like the Service License Agreement, was last published on September 13. September 2016. Automatic Updates: You agree that Apple may download and install automatic updates on your computer and devices. This is set by default, but you can enable it in System Preferences. Thank you for the answer, but I corrected that on my side. My wife has an iPhone and logged into the App Store on her phone with my account, which prompted her to accept the terms and conditions. This allowed me to overcome the error in the iTunes software and allowed me to connect to Apple TV+ on my Roku and on the web. A final addition to the Terms is a section on Apple Pay in which Apple says, «You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your supported devices and corresponding passcodes.» I`m trying to sign in to iTunes on Windows 10. I go to Account > sign up…, enter my Apple ID and password, and then I`ll be redirected to a screen that says «Complete your Apple ID».

It states: «By clicking `Next`, you confirm that you accept the Apple Media Services Terms of Service. How can I accept the Apple Media Service Terms and Conditions as set forth in this article: Apple does not promise that the Software or Services are compatible with third-party software, but states that «the installation of such Apple Software may affect the availability and usability of such Third-Party Software and other Apple products and services. Nor does it promise that defects in Apple`s software or services will be fixed. Like most of us, Sikoryak had never read the document: «I didn`t know exactly what I was getting into, but I thought it was unlikely, and I like the idea of an incongruous topic.» You can purchase a copy of his version of the Terms and Conditions here. .

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